Changing Your Game to Create Freedom Workshop

with Bonita and Denise

We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.
— William Faulkner
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Join Bonita Richter, MBA and Denise Hansard, Life Architect at our exclusive lunch event for qualified women CEOs/Business Owners, C-Level Executives/Directors in Itasca, Illinois. They will show you what it takes to go from doing well, to accelerating growth, while creating more freedom to pay attention to personal priorities with Strategic Enterprise Mastery core concepts, strategies, and tools.

The Changing Your Game to Create Freedom Workshop is for high-achieving women who want to create a profitable, growing, freedom-based enterprise, and increase the quality of your life.

Learn how to weave together the elements of your business and personal life in a way that multiples growth of your business— while spending less time in it so you can honor your personal priorities, and be a powerful creator of your own life experience.

Who You Are

You are a woman CEO/business owner, C-Level Executive or Director.

You’re wicked smart, super curious, and a life-long learner who has already achieved success in your life and business. You worked hard to get to where you are, and you desire more. Yet you feel that something is missing.

But the truth is you often feel you don’t have the time or energy to make what you want happen. You’re smart enough to know that you can only take your business so far, and it’s time to learn new strategies to grow your business faster

. . . and at the same finally practice the freedom-based lifestyle you sought when you started your business in the first place.

You’re not alone. Many accomplished business owners, just like you, embrace the world with power and determination

Yet, secretly on the inside, you’re hoping no one sees the real struggles of keeping the passion going for your business, of feeling wiped out, and you’re not where you want to be, despite working so hard.

Why Did We Create This Workshop?

The Changing Your Game to Create Freedom workshop is designed to make your possibilities a reality. It’s not a quick fix. It’s the beginning for a transformational change for you as a professional and as a person, building on everything you’ve accomplished up to now.

  • Are you hungry to grow and share your unique talents with the world at a level of peak performance?
  • Do you want to slow down and be more fully present and alive to the life you're living?

Join us to leap into your highest level of abundance in all aspects of your life and tap into your "zone of genius" in your life.

This workshop is a rare opportunity to get outside the day-to-day of your business to a place where big ambitions and dreams are normal, and fresh perspectives and insights are virtually inevitable. It’s not uncommon to have an insight within the first hour that makes your whole trip worthwhile.

Everything we share with you is something we’re implementing in our own business, and everything—from the physical environment, including the food, to the structure and content of the workshop—is designed to work for busy, distractible entrepreneurs.

Join us and leap into the highest level of abundance in all aspects of your life. Tap into the “Zone of Genius" in your health, career, relationships, mindset and finances. Together we’ll discover your highest purpose. Come on your own or with a loved one to experience all the fun and adventure this journey will bring!

YOU are a powerful creator of your own life experience. Getting clear on what you desire your life to be like is a big part of your power. To be clear, I’m not talking about setting goals. I’m talking about living with intention… making choices that empower your desired life and move you toward it rather than away from it.’

Workshop Topics

The Four Pillars Foundation.png

The Four Pillars Foundation – Every business has these 4 pillars ... Strategy, People, Cash, & Execution.

When you are given the foundation of each of these pillars, you can create the freedom you need over your time, money, relationships and purpose.

Your enterprise becomes the vehicle to assist you in driving toward life goals like these ... having the freedom of balance in all that you do.

Create a freedom-based enterprise that frees you up to do what you do best and what generates your best results. Not only does the enterprise grow and perform at a high level when the you are not there, it actually grows more as you become more and more freed up to do your genius work allowing your team to do theirs. 

So how do you create a Freedom-Based Enterprise? Get clear about your next biggest opportunity for growth, areas for delegation and automation, and what you’re doing in your business right now that’s holding you back. Discover the mindset that is keeping you stuck.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll have some exciting new ideas to act on, and you’ll be able to decide whether the Strategic Enterprise Ambition Program is the right structure to support your ambitions in business and in life.

You will receive assessments and workbook materials to take with you.


8:30 AM | Doors Open for Registration & BREAKFAST

Coffee, tea, and healthy snacks will be provided to start your day off right.


  • Take the lead and identify strategic innovations - develop new ideas and serve clients’ needs better competitors +
  • Solution-oriented selling that solves your clients' problems, and you're viewed as an expert + 
  • Hands On Consulting & Mastermind (so you leave with real work done & questions answered!)


  • Vision, intentions, Macro, market place, employees, companY

  • time management

  • self-care program and the discipline behind iT

  •  Strategy part is identifying changes that are happening and identifying key priorities

    Exercise:  morning practice

    Exercise: What’s working well, what’s not working


    o   Team, acct/responsibility/leadership

    o   Succession part is communication

    §  Heart part is power of words and choices

    §  Exercise:  the words you use & impact

    §  Exercise: Functions, who accountable, what help do you need

10:15-10:30 AM | BREAK

Refresh. Call the office. Take a mental break to process the awesome content you're learning.


·         Cash

o   Profitability, cash flow, levers, pricing

o   Succession part is value

§  Heart part is owning your value mindset

§  Exercise: what is your worth ... the line in the sand (what you charge today, double it, triple it, claim it)

§  Exercise: Leaking Profits and Cash (Cash Conversion Cycle), Money is what gives you freedom, profit and investment, buckets, quarterly revenue goal


·         Execution

o   90-day plan, priorities, Key performance metrics

o   Succession part is taking actionable steps to create successful results

§  Heart part is process of letting go, movement forward

§  Exercise:  allowing, forgiveness

§  Exercise: : Identifying #1 area where improvement would make biggest difference in business

11:40 AM-nOON | nEXT sTEPS

  • Employing 'Business As Usual' lead generation techniques +
  • Hands-On Consulting and Q&A (to empower you into action when you leave for the day...)


Lunch will be buffet style.

Popular topics for open consulting with Bonita include: CEO-Level leadership of a business, end-to-end lead generation and Sales Leadership, selling to small business owners and corporations, developing a business strategy and executing, how to increase revenues, how to increase profit, how to build a team while still growing, and how to achieve financial empowerment and impact through entrepreneurship.

Event Details

Date: Thursday, May 18, 2017

Time: 8:30 am–12:00 pm

Place: Eaglewood Resort and Spa, Itasca, Illinois

Fee: $67

Your registration includes:

1        3-hour workshop with you and your leaders, Bonita & Denise

2        Workbook to take with you with action steps to take immediately

3        Lunch and beverages to power you through the day

4        Post-event 30-minute individual phone consult to be scheduled within 7 days of the event

This day will increase your awareness of your authentic self, what you dream about, and take steps to create a rich, beautiful, joyous life.  Business success comes after all this is embraced by your heart, and you take the right actions to intentionally create more freedom. 

Register Today to claim one of the 20 seats.

*REFUNDS AND CANCELLATIONS:  If you register for this event and then find you can't attend, a 100% credit for the entire amount will be applied towards the cost of a future training event. Because of the cost of this program, cash refunds are not feasible, and will not be provided. To honor your cancellation request, it must be received by midnight, May 11, 2017. Cancellation requests received after this date will not be honored because of associated expenses involved in reserving your seat and providing beverages and food. We are sure you understand.

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