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From: Bonita Richter, MBA

Subject: The highest level of sales training I teach...

As you might already know, I've been quietly consulting mid-size businesses the past couple years.

To date we've generated crazy awesome results, which have truly amazed me. We're on to something...

I'm talking about results like:

Increasing revenues from $3 million to $4.2 million dollars in 12 months...

Starting from ground zero in a start-up and achieving $1.5 million in sales the first year in business...

Creating $35k+ offers that sell without needing complex marketing funnels...

...and the list goes on and on.


The results my clients have experienced from these strategies have been mind-blowing.

Now it's your turn.

Because today, as part of an extremely rare offer, I'm offering you the ability to gain access to a set of the exact same training I share with my corporate clients... at a hugely discounted price.

This is your chance to learn my most advanced strategies and secrets that will allow you to:

Create a transformational shift in your business model and grow from 6 to 7 figures, while making a bigger impact... and working fewer hours.

Charge 500-1,000% more for your coaching or consulting while serving clients at your highest level.

Attract a consistent flow of qualified prospects both warm and cold and have them applying to you... instead of you chasing them.

Effortlessly book and enroll clients into your high level programs without needing to convince... and coming from a place of integrity and service of the highest level.

If you're looking to do all the above and more, while making 2017 your best year in business (and your personal life!) yet... then gaining access to my secret set of trainings today will be one of the smartest decisions you've ever made.


"Lindsay has a deep well of knowledge across the whole industry - things that I never knew existed. Having her by my side is amazing. Lindsay is changing my life by helping me serve at a much higher level"

Rose Meade Hart of RoseMeadeHart


This comprehensive, 8-module program will reveal the exact steps for creating a transformational shift in your business... and... achieving multiple 6 figures while cutting your working hours in half.

It's crammed full with my very best field-tested, systematic step by step strategies that you can immediately put to work right now. 

Let me give you a quick rundown of exactly what's included. Then we'll get into the details:

8 Training Modules

  1. Shifting Your Beliefs about Sales
  2. Fixing Your Positioning
  3. Path to Making Sales Happen This Week
  4. Putting Together Your Deep Genius $100K Offer
  5. Getting High End Leads and Sales
  6. High-End Sales Script
  7. How to Hire Rock Star Sales People
  8. 10 Things to Say to Save a Sale 

your bonuses (vALUE $2,000 to priceless!)


Simple Sales Management System I Use  *  Target Client List  *  Survey Your Clients  *  Information Interviews  * Sales Goal Strategy *  Number of Prospects You Need to Reach Sales Goal  *  Ideal Client Traits Ranking  *  Your "Sweet Spot" Simple Content Creation* Organizing Your Contacts  * Making Coffee Chats Productive  *  Approaching Cold Prospects that Don’t Know You  * Pitch Like a Pro  * Referral Windfalls  * Your Free Call/Show Script *  Testimonials and Case Studies  *  Launch Strategy to Sell Consulting or Coaching Services  *  Daily Money Generating Activities  *  Make an Impact and Do Good Things  


PLUS... as part of this offer I'll also gift you a free ticket to come join me and other smart women business owners at my in-person event that's happening in March this year.

Due to the high level training we share and the transformational results we produce at this intimate event, the ticket price is $500. But as part of this rare offer you'll get to come along for free.

I'm sure you'll agree that there simply isn't another program that comes close to revealing the high-end positioning and sales secrets contained in the sales training.

This step-by-step training is the product of my extensive years figuring all this stuff out… so you can skip past the expensive, and quite frankly, frustrating learning curve and start getting fast results like my clients in the examples above.

SECRET TRAINING #1: Shifting Your Beliefs About Sales

In module 1 we put techniques and strategies aside for a few moments, because THIS is what’s really holding you back right now! We kick things off by immediately challenging the beliefs you have around money,sales, and clients.

We'll cover how to root down deeply into your true value and to effortlessly reflect this in your positioning and your approach to sales...the biggest shift you need to make in your mindset so that you “give yourself the permission” to charge more for your service (…and be absolutely congruent when stating your prices)...and a whole lot more.

SECRET TRAINING #2: Fixing Your Positioning

After making a huge transformational shift in Module 1, we now need to reflect these changes externally by “fixing your positioning”.

Most of your ability to make sales, to charge bigger prices, and to attract the right kind of clients willing to pay those prices will simply come down to how well you’re positioned in your marketplace.

After working with so many amazing clients who deliver an incredible service… but are hampered by their horrible positioning to the point where they're struggling to enrol clients even at the lowest levels. 

A few simple changes to their positioning however, and they’re now 10x-ing their prices and the quality of clients enrolling into their programs.

Here are a few highlights of what I’ll be teaching you in Module 2…

  • The 4 BIGGEST positioning errors most people make, and why it’s not only hurting them but the potential clients they *could* be helping too.
  • My simple positioning strategy for elevating yourself to a category of ONE in your niche and never being seen as a “commodity” again.
  • 3 vital positioning rules that communicates your true perceived value within just a few seconds of interaction with a potential new client.
  • How to set your positioning up in such a way that your potential clients “desire” you before they’ve even spoken to you in person.
  • How to subtly (but powerfully) pre-frame your true worth throughout every step of your marketing and your social media “persona”.
  • How to comfortably charge higher prices than you see other people at the top of your niche charging, and how to congruently reflect this in your positioning.
  • The "Holy Grail" in terms of positioning and how you can speak directly to ideal clients pain and needs.

…and a whole lot more.

SECRET TRAINING #3: Path to Making Sales Happen This Week

In this module we'll walk through exactly what you need to do each day to make sales with ease. It's really not that hard when you know what to do and you have a little fun with it. Seriously, if it's not fun your prospective clients will know.

We'll cover how to contact people in a way that will have them asking to talk with you! 

SECRET TRAINING #4: Putting Together Your Deep Genius $100K Offer

In this module we’re getting down to the nuts and bolts of crafting your Deep Genius irresistible offer… and tailoring it to speak directly to the wants and needs of the higher level clients in your niche.

This is where we’ll be “getting into the hearts and minds” of your potential clients and sharing a deeply compelling message that resonates only with them.

Sell what your potential clients are actually buying when they enroll into your program or service… and how to speak to directly to this.

This is where I'll share what NOT to offer - what clients don’t want (NOT doing this one thing alone will have a huge affect on your ability to make sales.)

SECRET TRAINING #5: Getting High-End Leads and Sales

In this module I walk you through my unique strategies on how to generate high end leads and sales WITHOUT needing a complex marketing funnel and without lots of moving parts.

You'll discover how to work with some of the highest caliber clients in your niche, and how to scale to $1 million along with the specific metrics to track to ensure you get there.

SECRET TRAINING #6: High-End Sales Script

My High-End Sales Script training breaks down EXACTLY what you need to say to sell $10K, $30K, $50K+ offers... and how to say it.

I've demonstrated time and again how anyone can sell high-dollar contracts using my High-End Sales Script structure that I teach in this module.

NOTE: I was truly the worst salesperson in the world. This shows you exactly how I’ve now experienced over $30 million in sales - and it’s a really entertaining, multi-media training!

SECRET TRAINING #7: How to Hire Rock Star Sales People

Having people sell for you can simultaneously be the best and the worst possible situation to be in - unless you know how to effectively manage them.

In our industry I’ve yet to see anyone effectively manage their salespeople in a way that's working... and as a result they lose massive revenue. 

In the hundreds of salespeople I’ve trained from zero to doing millions of dollars in sales, this training breaks down exactly how to handle the 'sales plateau' experienced by all salespeople after they start, how to incentivize them to be self-responsible, and help them progress and keep improving their results.

I'll walk you the entire process from hiring your first sales person (and exactly who NOT to hire) and then how to effectively manage them to get the best results while you're able to remove yourself from your business more and more... and get back more of your time!

SECRET TRAINING #8: 10 Things To Say To Save A Sale

This training is part of my the highest level, most concentrated sales training I've ever provided - it's everything I've learnt having been a part of $30 million in sales in the past 25 years.

In this module I'll show you 10 things to say whenever you're on the phone and you can feel that you're losing the sale... even though there is an obvious fit and it's in your prospect's best interest to sign up with you as a client.

I'll show you how to effortlessly turn around these situations and have the prospect 'moving towards you' again in the conversation.


Here’s the deal: I’m opening the doors to a maximum of 20 students to get full and unrestricted access to my secret set of trainings…

...without needing to join my $35K year-long private coaching program.

The information I share in these trainings is exactly how I run my highly profitable business and still work less than 30 hours per week... with no virtual assistant.

If I had to sell these trainings individually, they'd easily be worth a minimum of $1,000 each... which gives a total minimum value of this package of $8,000 (not including the free ticket to my REVEAL event.)

As you can see, this really is the deal of a lifetime, most likely never to be repeated again.


If you've been following me for some time now, you'll know that I charge some of the highest prices in this industry... and therefore you might think I've gone a little bit crazy!

Well, not yet.

The reason I'm making this offer today is simple.

It's recently occurred to me that while I'm hugely proud to be serving at the highest level... from time to time I also want to be able to help those who aren't currently able to afford my fees.

So by creating this rare offer I’m hoping many potential clients will now be able to benefit and use this training to transform their business the right way.

So for these reasons I’ve decided to open up a very limited period of time where you gain access to my secret set of trainings at a greatly reduced price.

So for these reasons I’ve decided to open up this extremely limited opportunity where you gain access to everything inside for 88% off the price ($8,000) if I were to sell these trainings into a program...

…which comes to a one-time low payment of just $995!


Here’s what you get when you sign up today:

Instant access to all the training materials - you'll receive immediate access to your login information so that you can begin your journey within 5 minutes of taking action today.

All 8 modules of the secret training - these modules deliver the training step by step so you always know exactly what you should be doing each step of the way. Nothing is left out or restricted… you get access to EVERYTHING!

A FREE ticket to my upcoming REVEAL event in March.

FAST ACTION BONUS (for the first 10 only): If you're one of the lucky first 10 to grab this offer now... I'll reward your fast action by giving you a free group coaching session before the live event to help you transform your business even faster (I charge $700 per hour for my time so this bonus is worth about as much as the price of this offer alone.)


Due to the extremely advanced nature of the training I'm offering, this opportunity is limited to just 20 spaces... and when the 20th seat is taken the only other way to gain access to these materials will be to enroll in my year-long $35K private coaching program.

So please don't put this off, and then send an email to my office asking if you can sneak in through the back door.

The answer will be a polite 'no'.

Also, because I'm gifting a ticket to my REVEAL live event with this offer I really do need to restrict it to the first 20 folks who respond right now.

So if you'd like to immediately benefit from the highest level training I have to offer, and you'd like to enjoy a HUGE saving while doing so, then my best advice is to go below right now to lock in your space:



Do it now while it's fresh on your mind and while spaces are available.

When you click the link above you'll immediately be taken to our secure online checkout page where you can enter your payment information and claim access to the entire program.

Within 5 minutes you'll then immediately receive an email containing all your login information so you can get started right away.

This really is the deal of a lifetime and I highly doubt that I'll ever be crazy enough to repeat this offer. If you're seriously committed to making 2016 your best year yet, then grab this entire secret trainings package now and then put it to work in your business right away.

If it makes sense for you to do so, then go grab it right now using the order link above, and I'll look forward to receiving your video case study!

See you on the other side! :)

Bonita Richter, MBA


If for some reason you're still on the fence about getting my secret training at a crazy 90% discount, check out the feedback below... then go ahead and lock in your spot!

"My Husband Named It 'The Lindsay'

“I bought my dream house this year (my husband named it the “Lindsay")...solely due to my increase in sales from working with her. My profits are 600% of what they were when we began. I started with a feeling that I didn’t deserve sales, and now we have more disposable income than we ever hoped we would."

- Gina Nieves, CEO, MarkNet Group

"Lindsay is utterly masterful at all things high-end sales. If you're looking to sell more of your services, for dramatically higher fees than you charge right now, then you'll want to contact her immediately. 

She's the best in the business and I've been fortunate to see first hand the transformation she delivers for her clients. Plus, she's kind hearted, genuine and oozes authenticity. I recommend her entirely."

Lee McIntyre, McIntyre Marketing Group

"Lindsay is utterly masterful at all things high-end sales"

"We've added an extra $150,000 in sales so far"

"Thanks to your input on our sales and marketing campaigns we've added an extra $150,000 in sales so far and this is just the start."

- Bernadette Doyle, Client Magnets

“Lindsay taught me not to be afraid of sales and money. With her help I was able to increase revenue by 47% in just 1 year.” 

- Breanne Houston, T3 Fitness Energy

"With Lindsay's help I was able to increase revenue by 47% in just 1 year"

Amanda Feeley, Esscentual Alchemy

"I increased my yearly sales by 20%"





Michael Beckwith, Founder and Spiritual Director of the Agape International Spiritual Center


“Lindsay is awesome! I was blown away with the intellect she possesses


She has beautifully constructed her business around her life and even better - working with her, anyone would get those results.”


Ajit Nawalkha, Founder, Evercoach

"Lindsay is awesome!"

"The results I got from working with Lindsay have been life changing"

"The best thing about working with Lindsay is that she cares more about me than her bottom line. I was reluctant to work with Lindsay because I knew she was the real deal, and that I would have to step up to the plate to match her.  


I didn’t know if I had enough of “what it takes,” to be one of Lindsay’s clients. I have learned that I not only have “enough,” but so much more. The results I got from working with Lindsay have been life changing. I’d recommend Lindsay to anyone who is really, really, ready to make a huge impact on the world"