We help leaders achieve better business outcomes through their people by helping you develop a team that has exactly the right skills to achieve goals, execute an innovative strategy that drives profits to the bottom line, and strengthens your company’s position as an industry leader that others look to as a model of success.

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Achieve greater profits, performance and growth.

Since 2002, we have advised organizations in industries as diverse as manufacturing, technology, construction, distribution, professional services, financial services, retail, and non-profit. We are hired to give unbiased advice about strategic direction, and to operationally execute strategy.

  • Identify emerging business opportunities, and move quickly to capture them.

  • Anticipate competitor moves, market changes, and new technologies to gain a competitive advantage.

  • Execute top priorities in a focused way to accelerate the impact of strategic initiatives to the bottom line.

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“Profit Strategies brought new insight ... They were critical helping us define five key strategic priorities to become more successful long term. We started seeing impact on the top and bottom lines immediately.”
— Patricia Squier, Vice President, Kirkey Roofing, Inc.

What we can do for you:

  • Discover new ways to create value for customers and investors

  • Adopt new approaches to improve profitability and growth

  • Reduce costs

  • Increase cash flow

  • Improve profit margins

  • Spot and seize opportunities that competitors don’t even see

  • Identify the biggest levers for performance improvement, and
    implement changes that drive impact, fast

  • Add profitable new products, services, and features

  • Increase collaboration and effectiveness between team members

  • Transform and improve culture, employee engagement, teamwork

  • Achieve greater organizational performance and commitment

  • Gain organizational commitment to key goals and actions

  • Workforce development

  • Increase market share and expand into new markets

  • Implement powerful new metrics and systems

  • Change expectations and behaviors

  • Manage strategy execution

  • Help implement operational improvements

  • CFO financial management, interim and project-based work

Typical client results:

  • Achieved 15% revenues growth in CNC precision machining organization through execution of strategic plan and implementation of Lean Manufacturing principles and managing business performance with KPIs..

  • Reduced operating costs by 3% within 5 months through deploying a tooling management system

  • Reduced raw material inventory turnover from 45 to 3 days through JIT/Kanban inventory management.

  • Reduced work in process inventory turnover from 52 to 15 days through implementation of JIT/Kanban inventory management.

  • Decreased machine set-up/changeover from 3 hours to 15 minutes through time study analysis.

  • Added highly-qualified suppliers which increased profits by 20% on components subcontracted out for machining.

  • Developed comprehensive machine-hour rate analysis that resulted in achieving 15%+ net income consistently year-over-year in CNC precision machining organization.

  • Reduced costs by $2M with development of a performance metrics scorecard and P/L accountability in financial institution.

  • Increased revenues by 25% within 12 months for roofing contractor through defining key objectives.

  • Increased profit margins by 23% in roofing contractor through implementing employee engagement initiatives.

  • Optimized accountability for functions, key processes, financial outcomes; established KPI metrics.

  • Reduced cash flow conversion cycle from 85 to 48 days through consultative financial management.

  • Improved employee engagement by 32% within 6 months by introducing communications strategy and coaching managers how to coach employees for performance.

  • Introduced values-based culture-building activities to decrease employee turnover to less than 5%.

  • Increased revenues by $6M in a software technology services company.

  • Assisted clients to acquire over $60 million in debit and private equity capital.

  • Developed marketing and sales strategy for new product in the lawn and garden industry. The result was the product was placed in two of the top three major Home Improvement retailers in the U.S. within 3 months of startup.

  • Sold our family-owned manufacturing company for 10x net earnings (industry average is 2x net earnings).

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