Improving Margins and Share in Residential Roofing Market


The Challenge:

A large roofing contractor in Sarasota and Manatee Counties, Florida, sought to increase margins and market share, and needed help to identify and prioritize which strategic priorities to pursue.

The Results:

Revenues increased by 25%, and margins increased by 23% within 12 months.

How We Did It:

Identified key performance drivers, and five key strategic initiatives through interviews, quantitative analysis, strategic planning retreat, and implemented the plan company-wide.

Established a Performance-Driven Strategic Plan

  • Identified and prioritized five key strategies initiatives focused on improving profits and revenues.
  • Assessed business performance metrics and identified highest impact actions.
  • Developed job performance metrics and assigned accountability to team members for business performance.
  • Implemented performance management and incentive plan processes.
  • Revised organizational structure.
  • Identified corporate values to build a healthy culture in alignment with corporate officers’ values.
  • Developed goals and key performance benchmarks to guide actions and measure business performance.
  • Identified key actions to improve performance through interviews, quantitative analysis, and hands-on strategy development activities.
  • Developed and documented critical business processes.
  • Implemented project management processes.
  • Implemented a new pricing approach and policy.
  • Developed performance dashboard metrics and responsibility.
  • Hired sales staff, and developed compensation plan.
  • Conducted profit analysis and shifted business model.
  • Invested in capital equipment, and hired additional crew members to increase capacity.